nChain, Calvin Ayre, Marco Bianchi and Fairway — How It Really, REALLY Went Down

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A Reddit post by ‘lautesflustern’ (whisper loudly) translated from German to English by Arthur van Pelt

Disclaimer: The undersigned is only providing the translation as is, and he is taking no responsibility for the content of ‘lautesflustern’.

All I’m saying is: so far I cannot find any inconsistencies with my own research. When I do find an inconsistency, I will make [notes Arthur] within the article. This piece will be updated the upcoming days with the announced follow up articles.

Let’s go.


We have been investigating the shadow organization behind nChain, Calvin Ayre, Marco Bianchi [Marco Bianchi] and the regulated Fairway Family Office [Fairway] in Zurich for over eighteen months.

With the recent whistleblowing report from Christen Ager-Hanssen [Ager-Hanssen], the former CEO of nChain, he, like so many others, only learned after the fact that he was actually a puppet of the shadow CEO, shadow chairman and tyrannical, unnamed owner and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Calvin Ayre, it is time to publish some of what we have uncovered.

The story is both stranger and more ridiculous than the world yet knows.

We believe in good faith that everything we present here is true and can be independently verified by anyone who chooses to research it directly. In the following days we will publish sources and links to everything that is publicly available so that independent verification can be carried out. Ironically, for such a secretive scheme, the ease with which this information was freely available demonstrates a complete lack of organizational security or information management practices.

It would be impossible to publish everything at this stage and much more future research will be produced. And the research will be completed in due course.

For now, we will release this information in four parts in the coming days:

Fairway contact
Fairway Zurich

Part 1 — Calvin Ayre, Marco Bianchi, Fairway, Alastair Guggenbuhl-Even and Monterosa

This will explain how Bianchi captured Calvin Ayre after his indictment for illegal gambling, money laundering and bank fraud in America, when Ayre had to flee to Antigua to avoid prosecution and extradition, becoming a fugitive and a pariah of the financial system [Indictment] . This part explains the origins of the relationship between Marco Bianchi [Marco Bianchi] and Calvin Ayre and the Fairway Family Office in Zurich [Fairway] and how Bianchi worked with Ayre and Alastair Guggenbuhl-Even [Guggenbuhl] of the Swiss — regulated Monterosa [Monterosa], to hide Ayre’s assets from possible seizure by prosecutors and to make Ayre’s investments in or ownership of many companies opaque, unbeknownst to those companies’ officers, directors and employees (including Christen Ager-Hanssen).

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Alastair Guggenbuhl-Even

Part 2 — Antigua, the Antigua Family Office and Rockwallet

This part will explore the connections between Calvin Ayre, Marco Bianchi, Ron (Ronnie) Tarter, Ayre’s original family office in Antigua and Barbuda, Rockwallet [Rockwallet] and Ayre’s massive $40 million commercial building called Canada Place [Canada Place] in Antigua. The connections between Gaston Browne [Gaston Browne], the Prime Minister of Antigua, and Ayre are also highlighted. This part also explains how and why Rockwallet was assigned to Shane Nathaniel Bryant [Shane Nathaniel Bryant], the CEO of the gambling business in Antigua [who is perfect for the job, since Bryant was apparently also the shadowy mastermind of gambling payment methods] .

Part 3 — Monterosa, Fairway and affected banks

In this part we explain our understanding of the operation of the Monterosa structure [Monterosa], the history of this structure, which includes other unrelated but ongoing scandals and investigations, and how banks, trustees and target investments through Fairway were unaware of Ayre’s investments. It also explains how the nChain companies, including listed [note Arthur: this should be “previously listed” as Calvin Ayre took TAAL private in November 2022] company Taal and others, were likely structured using trusts and the Monterosa solution to protect Ayre’s visibility externally and often from the companies, directors, officers and employees.

Part 4 — The Gambling Connections

From Ayre’s first indictment in 2012 in the United States for illegal gambling operations as well as money laundering and bank fraud to today, Ayre appears to have continued to profit from a gambling operation run by Shane Bryant at Canada Place in Antigua. There is evidence that Bryant and his deputies David Ferguson [David Ferguson] (co-defendant with Calvin Ayre in the original 2012 illegal gambling and money laundering indictment), “Jack“, “Antonio“, “Maria“, “Max“, “Scott“, “Tony“, “Jeff“, “Darryl“, “Midds“, “Mark“ and “Sami“ [many of whom we believe are pseudonyms] and a number of others run this secret gambling business in Ayres Canada Place. This part also explains BSV’s connections to the various companies and how Ayre hoped and still hopes to increase adoption of BSV by having Bryant implement BSV into his gaming operations when everything else has completely failed.

To be continued.

“a secret gambling operation run by Shane Bryant at Calvin Ayre’s Canada Place in Antigua”