The Tale Of A BSV Culture Shock: The End Is The Beginning Is The End

14 min readOct 20, 2023

Buckle up for Part 3 of the Christen Ager-Hanssen saga.

Part 1
Why Both Craig Wright And Christen Ager-Hanssen Have Left nChain

Part 2
The Fairway Brief

Written by Arthur van Pelt

ABOUT EDITS to this article: as more material may become available after the publication of this article, it could have edits and updates every now and then. In that sense, this article can be considered a work in progress, and become a reference piece for years to come.

The perfect hymn for the current phase of BSV’s disintegration, if you ask me

Is it bright where you are
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy, you’re so strange
And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame
You can watch the world devoured in it’s pain
” — William Patrick Corgan, 1997

Please forgive me for starting this article with a song by my favorite band Smashing Pumpkins: ‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End’. Originally released as a single from the soundtrack to the film ‘Batman & Robin’ (1997), it was their first release with then-new drummer Matt Walker, who picked up the sticks after long time drummer Jimmy Chamberlain was kicked from the band with drug issues. Matt would go on to contribute percussion to several tracks of Smashing Pumpkins’ 5th album ‘Adore’. The song ‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End’ reached the top 10 in no less than eight countries and won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1998, after Smashing Pumpkins had already won the same award a year earlier for their song ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’. No other band has ever matched, let alone improved on, that remarkable achievement.

I just couldn’t help playing this song several times while writing. It’s the perfect hymn, if you ask me, to a cult dying in front of our eyes. I say this, because the more I think about it, the more I realise that the end game for camp Craig Wright has started. With end game I mean, I would be seriously surprised if Craig Wright as Satoshi pretender and BSV as “real Bitcoin” pretender would be still around in any serious form or shape by the end of 2024. In my opinion, the stars have aligned for the final death gasps of Calvin Ayre as wannabe Blockchain Emperor (or Tycoon as Christen Ager-Hanssen likes to call him sometimes) and gullible sugar daddy of the ever-failing Satoshi Nakamoto cosplayer Craig Wright.

Furthermore, my tarot cards tell me(*) that Craig Wright is very likely behind bars within the upcoming two years.

(*) Just kidding, of course. I don’t do tarot cards. It’s just common sense looking at 100s of Craig Wright made forgeries, several rulings where Craig was found to be “not a witness of truth”, combined with an upcoming inevitable case loss in the COPA v Wright Satoshi identity lawsuit early 2024, after which several other lawsuits that he is entertaining will collapse like a house of cards.

And then it only needs one judge, just one, to say “I smell criminal intent by Craig Wright here” to pass Craig’s ass to the next judge to determine if Craig’s intent was indeed criminal. And let’s not forget, the clock of the Australian Taxation Office — still executing a criminal investigation related to Craig Wright — is also still ticking…

In this article we will also learn that Calvin Ayre might come under the attention of ICE once more for his illegal gambling business and money laundering due to his ongoing involvement with the gaming industry, where we thought he had ‘retired’ from it.

Who had thought that these 3 individuals would ever clash?

Back to today. Let’s bring back in memory that this rollercoaster started on September 29, 2023 with this announcement on nChain’s website:

nChain Statement on departure of Christen Ager-Hanssen

London 29th September: The Board of the blockchain technology, IP licensing and consulting services company, nChain, confirms it has parted company with Christen Ager-Hanssen. The Board has appointed Stefan Matthews to retake the executive reins as acting CEO, in addition to his position as Chairman, with immediate effect.” — nChain UK Ltd website

And what we learned during the days after September 29, 2023 is that in the weeks and months prior a string of remarkable, at times shocking, events had happened in and around nChain, the company that Craig Wright et al raised in October 2015 as nCrypt. Events that ultimately lead to the departure of Christen Ager-Hanssen… and somewhat surprisingly, also Craig Wright.

Brief timeline summarizing the most notable events

July 17, 2023: a suspicious nChain transaction appears.
August 1, 2023: Christen Ager-Hanssen starts an inquiry into the July 17 transaction.
September 2023: a mock COPA v Wright practise trial was held in nChain offices on a currently unknown date between September the 18th and September the 22nd. During the cross examination part, the barrister playing King’s Counsel for COPA is said to have “torn CSW apart” about the numerous documents that Craig Wright had forged and then handed to COPA, subsequently exposed in the 970 pages long Madden forensic report. From here it was perfectly clear to Christen Ager-Hanssen that defeat in the COPA v Wright case — trial starts January 15, 2024 — is inevitable.
September 23, 2023: Calvin Ayre emails Craig Wright that he intends to stop funding all Craig’s lawsuits. Stefan Matthews forwards this email to Christen Ager-Hanssen.
September 24, 2023: Around 7 pm Craig Wright is being sacked by Christen Ager-Hanssen and Stefan Matthews after discussing the accusations of Craig’s fraudulent behavior in the COPA case and elsewhere.
September 25, 2023: Craig Wright’s leave further formalised.
September 26, 2023: The Fairway Brief whistleblowing report released, explaining the fraudulent background of the July 17, 2023 transaction. Marco Bianchi, Calvin Ayre and his Family Office are mentioned as the main culprits. On the same day, Calvin Ayre confirms he has indeed stopped funding Craig Wright’s legal spree.
September 27, 2023: The Fairway Brief is being discussed with the Board and shareholders of nChain. The Board then decides to sack Christen Ager-Hanssen and the Board members who sided with him: Peter Coulson, Leandro Nunes and Andy Moody. Christen will tell laterI was fired 7 hours after I formally reported the wrongdoing by the person that did not want to deal with the problem, Stefan Matthews.
September 29, 2023: nChain announces leave of CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen, who then starts tweeting about fraud at nChain, Craig not being Satoshi, lawsuit witness tampering by Calvin Ayre et all, Calvin Ayre halting the funding of Craig Wright’s lawsuits etc.

Stefan Matthews really said that. And Calvin Ayre really followed up like that.

Dear reader, let’s dive right into the events of the past week now.

First of all, for their growing fanbase, media outlet ‘What The Finance’ continues to report on a daily basis about the events related to Christen Ager-Hanssen.

October 12: “The Fairway Brief: Secrets Behind nChain’s Controversial Agreements Exposed (Part 2)
Dated 17th July, a Service Agreement with profound implications was presented to the nChain Group’s Board. Curiously, this agreement was not discussed or negotiated with the Group’s senior management prior to its submission. The Agreement mandated that all department heads within nChain Group would now be accountable to their counterparts at Calvin’s Family Office.

Such a decision is perplexing, as it challenges standard corporate governance protocols. An organization, especially of the stature of nChain Group, relinquishing oversight of its top-tier executives to an external entity, especially the family office of a minority shareholder, can potentially lay the groundwork for multiple conflicts of interest.

October 13: “Decoding the Fake Satoshi: The Crucial Role of Digital Signatures in Bitcoin
While it’s tempting to get swept up in the mystique and drama, it is prudent for stakeholders to return to basics. Vigilance, verification, and an understanding of Bitcoin’s foundational principles are the best defenses against deception and risk in this new frontier of finance.

On October the 12th, Christen Ager-Hanssen tells the audience on Twitter that he still has at least one other ‘brief’ under construction: one about Craig Wright not being Satoshi Nakamoto. The teaser we’re getting is about the hard disc that Craig Wright had handed to him, supposedly containing Satoshi evidence from the 2005–2007 era.

Source: Twitter

The Fairway Brief report already contained a hint to what we can expect from Christen’s report containing all the information about this hard disk. We can expect more revelations like these, where Craig Wright was caught lying about the content of the hard disk, and what I found a hilarious finding: “The obvious question is: if Dr Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, why would he ask what software he had used when he wrote the White Paper?”.

However, on the late evening of Friday the 13th of October it appears that there’s “they try to shut me up” trouble brewing in Ager-Hanssen paradise. We would almost start to believe the conspiracy theories around Friday the 13th, don’t we?

For who wants to listen to this Spaces anyway, it was pretty good after all.

We quickly learned that there was definitely something going on. Not only did Christen Ager-Hanssen quite suddenly and last minute cancel his appearance on this highly anticipated Twitter Spaces session, also on the Twitter platform he announced that he “will not be very vocal for a short while”.

Source: Twitter

On top of that, Christen Ager-Hanssen his Fairway Brief website was reported — by Patrick Mockridge — to be down on October 14, 2023.

Source: Twitter

Let’s wait for what’s going to happen next.

There’s also some news about Craig Wright. He raised three companies, one called ‘RCJBR Ltd’, the other one called RCJBR Holding Ltd and the third one called ‘Nakamoto Industries Ltd’, and appointed himself Director in all three companies, and also Secretary in RCJBR Holding Ltd. Between the filings at Companies House we can find that Craig Wright owns 1 share of GBP 1.00 in RCJBR Ltd and the same goes for Nakamoto Industries Ltd: Craig Wright owns 1 share of GBP 1.00 in this company.

Note that Craig Wright is known at Companies House both as ‘Craig Steven WRIGHT’ and as ‘WRIGHT, Craig, Dr’. Please use both spellings while querying for information at Companies House.

According the Companies House filings, RCJBR Holding Ltd has no less than GBP 5,000,000 in share capital, with ‘Total aggregate unpaid’ on 0 (zero, see screenshots below).

So who is this, or who are these, shareholder(s)?

As we scroll down the document, we find that the only shareholder, who appears to have paid up GBP 1.00 for 1 share is surprisingly not Craig Wright, but someone no less than Craig Wright’s wife Ramona Ang.

Note that Ramona Ang is known at Companies House both as ‘ANG, Ramona Mei Foong’ and as ‘ANG, Ramona’. Please use both spellings while querying for information at Companies House.

Source: Companies House

But then, Christen Ager-Hanssen returns with a blow. It appears he’s now after Calvin Ayre.

For starters, on October 17, 2023 Christen summarizes an event where Calvin Ayre was fighting with the law in Canada, and lost.

Regarding Crypto Tycoon @CalvinAyre this is part of his history according to a big auditing firm: «Between October 3, 1996, and October 3, 2016, Calvin Edward Ayre was sanctioned by British Columbia Securities Commission for following misconduct:
• Violation Unregistered distribution
• Failure to file insider reports
• Misrepresentations
• Insider trading
• Failure to comply with a Summons

The Order included the following sanctions:
• Ayre was prohibited from purchasing securities of a reporting issuer which are listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (other than senior board securities) for a period of 20 years from the date of the Order;
• Ayre was ordered to resign any position that he holds as a director or officer of a reporting issuer;
• Ayre was prohibited from becoming or acting as a director or officer of any reporting issuer or any issuer that provides management, administrative, promotional, or consulting services to a reporting issuer;
• Ayre was prohibited from engaging in investor relations activities for a period of 20 years from the date of the Order.”

Fact is that @CalvinAyre was the shadow director of Taal @TaalBlockchain when it was a listed company in Canada and he was the one that acquired Taal through the same company he is a minority shareholder in @nChainGlobal, Indigo IP holdings LTD. Taal is a crypto mining business controlling most of the mining of crypto currency $BSV. @CalvinAyre is acting as shadow director to crypto company @nChainGlobal. This is obvious for anyone just looking at his tweets where he falsely state that @nChainGlobal is a Ayre Group company. It’s time to speak up about all this bullshit and stop @CalvinAyre from having more victims from his centralised controlled $BSV scam.

RISE YOUR VOICE AGAINST THIS MANIPULATION of people with no insights. #Faketoshi

The original tweet contains a clip of Calvin Ayre dancing. We now know this was a clip that Calvin send to some of his friends in September after he let Craig Wright know that he would stop funding his lawsuits.
Source: Twitter

Christen also starts revealing information about Calvin Ayre still being active in the gambling industry. Firstly, a lawsuit around the outlet that he was supposed to have sold: Bodog.

The official statement when Calvin Ayre acquired a majority part of nChain for 570M USD was a typical Calvin bluff. The biggest bluff is however the claim that Craig Wright is Satoshi. Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright had for years tried to pull of the biggest business bluff in history. Stefan Matthews and Calvin Ayre are both complicit in helping Craig Wright with this. It’s a disgrace to see how Calvin Ayre is manipulating the #BSVCryptocurrency market he controls himself.

It’s for sure in the public interest that I have made the public aware of the situation. As Stefan Matthews said it when confronted him about the 570MUSD deal.

“This is all fucking fluffy shit”

Read about Calvin Ayre and what is claimed to be his unregulated online gambling business: Offshore Casino and Sportsbook Bovada Faces Kentucky Lawsuit!

Source: Twitter

And I couldn’t help replying on Twitter

Calvin Ayre obviously did NOT retire from the gambling business as he lied to iGaming in 2009 (*).

“The proposed litigation names Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, Alywin Morris, Calvin Ayre, and Harp Media BV, a group that collectively owns and manages the online gambling platforms.

(*) “Calvin retires… from online gambling

Take it from me, Calvin Ayre is far from being retired, but it is true that he has zero interest in running an online gambling company ever again. After the US government passed the UIEGA, at the same time the European public companies pulled out of the US market, Calvin decided to sell the entire US-facing operation to Alywn Morris, CEO of the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG). Calvin may have sold the operation but he kept the famous “Bodog” brand name, a decision that turned out to be amazing foresite, and licensed it back to MMGG for their marketing purposes. During the initial transition period following the sale, Calvin served as a Bodog brand ambassador for MMGG, and when this transition period was over, Calvin officially “retired” in May 2008.” — iGaming, July 30, 2009

Image from the iGaming article

And I followed up with:

What you call “bluff” is of course simply investors and consumers fraud. And not just any fraud, but fraud to the likes of Theranos (an $8B scam) and then some. When Craig is falsely declared Satoshi and manages to grab 1M bitcoin, he defrauded the industry for $28B, mind you.

Christen continues the quest against Calvin Ayre in the days after. And is asking the help of the Twitter community to research Calvin’s ongoing involvement with the gambling industry.

I’m doing a deep dive in to the shadow part of the gambling Industry & Mining business of Calvin Ayre who used to and still is a big profile in the gambling Industry as well as being a Crypto tycoon.

@NewJerseyOAG should look into all of this. I appreciate all the help I get from the public so please continue reaching out to me. I personally hate gambling/crypto and want to protect all the people that are victims of the gambling/crypto scam Industry.

  1. I’m researching the secret Panama Datacenter connected to gambling. DGE, Division of gaming enforcement needs to have this on their radar. I’m sure they have already. They are not stupid and don’t want to be fooled by a non compliant gambling operations,
  2. My research also stumbled into a company called Armando Tech ( and I would like to have more information about this company. I suspect it is a tool to hide from the patriot act. I Need more knowledge about it. Please help me
  3. I know that there is a system called hi-rule, which is the place where money is moved. I’m curious about a person with the name Karl Jull and who work for Shane Bryant. Any information is appreciated.
  4. I’m researching a suspected transactions related to Chief Fuel Inc. and crypto mining company TAAL I’m on a mission to uncover all elements of @CalvinAyre gambling & mining business so please DM me.
Source: Twitter

And again I couldn’t help adding my 2 cents to a subject brought up by Christen Ager-Hanssen.

Funny you mention this. I’m also sitting on some info for a while about a 2nd datacenter of Calvin Ayre in Bogota, Colombia. Very likely related to that is a person called Kristen Macdonald (The Workshop Ventures, The Workshop Technologies, see Companies House). Others are: John Daniel ‘Jack’ Graham (Bodog, JFC Tech Services), Kevin Bourgeois (Ravel Media, Resulta, PubCo), Shane Bryant (Angular Legal, SEIF Holdings), Rob MacGregor, Alberto Fortes mentioned as Director of Finance. RUNA=code name organization. Hope this helps, still researching.

Let’s circle right back to the title of this article, and finish this week’s overview with a conversation I had with Twitter user ‘Norbert’.

When you’ve witnessed one long con’s end phase, you’ve seen them all. The change of mood is unmistakable. Once the phase has shifted, there’s no return. The Faketoshi scam has entered its end phase. It’s all becoming very GAWsome.

My reply:

Exact same sentiments here. The moment Christen Ager-Hanssen started to leak his findings about nChain fraud and Craig Wright not being Satoshi Nakamoto, Calvin halting Craig’s legal funding and Stefan sacking Craig… The end game of the #Faketoshi con has started.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Will Calvin Ayre attract the attention of ICE once more?